Relocating to Prince George with

Jason Luke at EXP Realty!

I am Prince George's Relocation Expert!

WARNING: Prince George has friendly people and affordable housing which may leave you with extra money in your pocket!

I dont just say I am a Relocation Expert and have never done it. Being a kid of an RCMP family, you move around alot. I moved back to Prince George 4 years ago with my own family and I know the stresses people feel and what they go through. I help you get situated in Prince George long before we look at homes to buy. There are things you need to get sorted out first before we look at homes like kids schools and activities, doctors, dentists, vets, drycleaners, what size of moving truck do you have and what size storage locker do you need, what are the more desirable areas of town, ect. This time will go by fast, just like when you were packing to come here. I also have alot of little added touches and surprises to help you when you arrive!

The Lower Mainland has become unaffortable for many people. Time to get yourself to a city that welcomes familes, a place you can afford to live in, Prince George!


Prince George was the host of the 2015 Canada Winter Games and the city was just buzzing with excitement! There are many noticable changes around the area as well. Our region also has Billions and Billions of dollars either spent or alocated in investment and business in the years to come. Do you have an idea for a small business? Open it up here!


I really love Prince George and believe it is a great place to invest in and raise a family! Housing prices are affordable compared to the Lower Mainland yet we have all the ammentities you could ever need or want. We have any kind of outdoor activity or sport you can think of for any season. You want to get involved in the community? Sure you do! There are lots of opportunites to get involved in a variety of capacities. Prince George is know for being the volunteer capital! Please contact me if you have any questions what-so-ever. Here is my private email address or cell 250-301-9960.


I look forward to helping you.